Something new: GIRL BAND

As seen in the upcoming CBLDF Benefit Book, as published by Image, as solicited here and in shops Oct 8th:

Our long-planned project GIRL BAND, co-created. drawn, inked, and colored by Terry and Rachel Dodson, and also-created and written by my daughter Audrey, you’ll see a three-page teaser in this book, and almost certainly a full book in the nearish future.

Order with this number:  AUG140568

Props to Clayton Cowles for donating his fine lettering skills for the benefit, and to Lauren Sankovitch for putting it all together.

#thanksforthespark - my contribution

I have to thank Carol Peligian, one of my instructors at Parsons School of Design. She taught a class that, while the title escapes me, was about making books.  Literally, making the object, inside and out, the binding and the content.  I took this class twice, and while the physical construction aspect was fascinating, what she truly taught me was all about pacing, sequence, and narrative flow. The power of the turn of the page. Everything I do now can be traced back to that class, circa 1995.  She was the best teacher I ever had.  

Star Wars

I’ve been asked this a lot, about if our Star Wars stories we did at Dark Horse “count” or are canon and so on.  This interview at CA seems to answer that:

CA: Between the original Marvel run, books like Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, and the most recent “adjectiveless” Star Wars book at Dark Horse, this time period between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back has been heavily excavated. Lucasfilm’s canon cops have pretty much wiped the slate clean when it comes to these previous looks at the time period, but how much does this (now non-canon) stuff feed into the types of stories you’ll be telling? Do you lean on it, do you avoid it entirely?

Jordan D White: We’re no strangers to parallel continuities, here at Marvel, given our core universe, the Ultimate Universe, the Cinematic Universe. That said, as you pointed out, we’re joining with Lucasfilm at an exciting time. Unlike the previous “extended universe”, the promise going forward is that any Star Wars stories we put out are part of the core canon, right along with the films and television series. To that end, we’ve been working closely with the Lucasfilm Story Group to make sure everything we do is in lock-step with their larger plans.

So while there’s still no comment on the current Star Wars book we’re doing specifically, it seems like its stories are destined for the canon dustbin. I’m also pretty sure that come the end of December, our books will no longer be able to be distributed and sold, and will be out of print. So get them while you can.  The third and fourth (final) volumes come out in October. This applies to the other SW books Dark Horse is publishing now.

How do I feel?  Well, I don’t own Star Wars, so there’s a certain amount of shrugging involved, because what can be done?  Nothing.  This happens. What I am mystified about is more to do with the fact these three Marvel Star Wars books, by all available appearances, are supposed to do the same thing as our one original trilogy book, and that seems like a terribly uncreative thing to do to three top notch creative teams.  Maybe in execution it’ll be different.  But I understand the impluse on a business level… the still-green Luke, Leia struggling with her loss, Vader and the Empire post-Yavin, its all very logical to follow these story threads, its what people respond to, as is evident by the nearly 100k copies we sold of Star Wars #1.  Now there will be a Marvel version of that.

I wish everyone the best, and will always value my time on Star Wars, and working with so many amazing people.

Last day before Crossfit 718 moves to its new space. 18 months I spent here, making loads of friends, getting in superb shape, and leaving untold gallons of sweat in those mats (yuck)

From the extras section of the new The New York Four, a little drawing Ryan did to comment on the fact that, after at least a year, we finally decided on a name.  I love how the Treo dates it so well.

New Book: REBELS

Only one person guessed my teasers correctly, and its this: Northlanders-style series set in and around the American Revolution. It’s called REBELS.

(click to see that image big)

There’s a long article up on Nerdist with quotes from myself and the team, but the basics:  new monthly from Dark Horse starting in the late winter/early spring, Andrea Mutti drawing, Jordie Bellaire coloring, Tula Lotay on covers.


Getting back to the sort of comics that  make me happiest.

The Thing Is, I Stutter: Megan Washington TEDxSydney 2014

This is basically what I sound like when I don’t go covert.


Another teaser.  There’s a very obvious clue here that only a few will get, and if you are one of them, please keep it to yourself for now!  edited:  actually, the first person to email the right clue to: northernboy at gmail wins a care package.


      On Vikings, Or The Lack Thereof


I always figured I would revisit Northlanders in a new form, do another series on Vikings, make use of the unused stories. I had made it something of a priority, actually, and have been telling people about it.

Now, I don’t know. Maybe that’s lazy of me. Also, perhaps dangerous to try and capture…

Re-posting this.  Something will be revealed soon.