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Oct 14

coming next year

coming next year

Local in Russia

Courtesy of new partner Ramona Comics, a publishing outfit in Saint-Petersburg.

Oct 10

Rebels #1

So we debuted this first issue cover by Tula Lotay yesterday, and I see a bunch of people online wondering what the hell is is.

Dark Horse Comics announced Rebels back in July, and in short its my new historical fiction series set in and around the American Revolution, lots of meaty political and social themes, that sort of man/woman-against-the-land vibe that Northlanders had, and a healthy dose of my own experience as someone growing up in the woods of Vermont.

Andrea Mutti, who’s worked with me a bit on DMZ and Conan, is the main artist and will be drawing all the big stories (we’ll have guests in for one-shots).  Jordie Bellaire is coloring Andrea, and Tula here is working absolute magic on the covers.

Monthly starting in April.

Oct 07

DMZ Deluxe Edition Four

The approved cover. I still really love the old Volume 10 cover so I wanted to just give it a hint of a refreshening.  This will probably be out in late spring.

Oct 06

Channel Zero Shirt = Barbells For Boobs

So last year I ran a very successful Barbells For Boobs campaign, helped in part by offering a Mara t-shirt for free.  So I figured I would do the same thing, and this year its this Channel Zero shirt, taken from the 2009 short story I did for the CBLDF:


See it bigger here.

So what I’m doing is offering this shirt, postage-paid, to anyone who donates $30 or more to breast cancer prevention via my Barbells For Boobs campaign. Note: I don’t see a dime of this money, its going straight to the organization. 

Once you donate, you just have to email me at with your name, mailing address, and shirt size (specify women’s or men’s - this will be printed on a American Apparel or AA-like fitting shirt). The shirt color will probably be black, and will be discharged printed, so overall it will be soft and broken-in.

The timing will be a few weeks, as I’m taking the orders now, and have to get them printed and shipped.  Consider this a preorder.  I’ll run this for a couple weeks.

(I may or may not sell any of these after the campaign, it all depends on the number of pre-orders. This is probably your best chance at getting the size you want)

If you want to read the short story that this t-shirt design is taken from, go here: for a PDF.  The story also appears in the backmatter of the Channel Zero Collection.


Sep 23

Entering the ‘omnibus stage’ of my career, it seems.

Entering the ‘omnibus stage’ of my career, it seems.

Sep 19

Dark Horse

So here’s the Dark Horse shelf of my “ego library”, where I keep one copy of every edition of all my own books.  What’s missing here is one more Conan, two more Star Wars volumes, two more Massives, and the upcoming Demo omnibus.  

Not too shabby for just three years time.

Spirit of ‘77, my sister and I.

Spirit of ‘77, my sister and I.

Sep 18

2014 Barbells For Boobs


This is my second year fundraising for Barbells For Boobs.  You can see what they are all about in the sidebar, or elsewhere on this page.  The basic info is that for every $80 raised, it provides one person with breast cancer detection services.  Last year I raised close to $800, thanks to you.

I wrote this essay around that time, about losing my mother to cancer, and actually having lost several women in my life to cancer - my aunt and my mother-in-law, as well as others currently in treatment.

This year, on or around November 8th, I’ll be doing the CrossFit workout “Grace”, as people all over the world will be doing in support of Barbells For Boobs.  But unlike last year, I’ll get this one on video and post it when I’m done.  My daughter will handle the camera, and I’ll shoot it in my backyard.

If you donated last year, thank you so much.  If you can again, that’s amazing.  I’m happy with any amount, and just as happy with words of support if you can’t donate.

Thanks so much,


Sep 12

Final issue of The Massive, #30.

Final issue of The Massive, #30.

Sep 11

New York Four

You know this omnibus-style edition is out in November, yes?

This is the order code to give your retailer if you want one:  JUL140103

It contains both The New York Four and The New York Five as well as a big chunk of extras, some in color.  Its a high end softcover very much like the Dark Horse edition of Channel Zero, and its a gorgeous 300 page book for $20.

Here’s some photos of the unbound proof my editor got from the printer recently.

Sep 09

Garry Brown

Garry Brown

Aug 21

Something new: GIRL BAND

As seen in the upcoming CBLDF Benefit Book, as published by Image, as solicited here and in shops Oct 8th:

Our long-planned project GIRL BAND, co-created. drawn, inked, and colored by Terry and Rachel Dodson, and also-created and written by my daughter Audrey, you’ll see a three-page teaser in this book, and almost certainly a full book in the nearish future.

Order with this number:  AUG140568

Props to Clayton Cowles for donating his fine lettering skills for the benefit, and to Lauren Sankovitch for putting it all together.

Aug 18

#thanksforthespark - my contribution

I have to thank Carol Peligian, one of my instructors at Parsons School of Design. She taught a class that, while the title escapes me, was about making books.  Literally, making the object, inside and out, the binding and the content.  I took this class twice, and while the physical construction aspect was fascinating, what she truly taught me was all about pacing, sequence, and narrative flow. The power of the turn of the page. Everything I do now can be traced back to that class, circa 1995.  She was the best teacher I ever had.