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DMZ Deluxe Book One

So this is out today, and I’m feeling validated that this unlikely series that debuted back in 2006 is something that warrants a fancy pants version now in 2014.

The entire 72 issues will be collected in five volumes, like so:

Book 1- #1-12
Book 2 - #13-28
Book 3 - #29-44
Book 4 - #45-59
Book 5 - #60-72

and contain a TON of extras, a lot of art and interviews as seen on that Live From The DMZ website that Justin Giampaoli and I put together.  Worth picking up, I think. $30 via your local shop.

Upcoming Books

Here’s a list of upcoming collections… this is all from Amazon and so subject to adjustments.

Nov 20 - X-Men Vol. 1 “Primer”
Dec 18 - Conan Vol. 14 softcover 
Dec - The Massive Vol. 2 
Jan 15 - DMZ Book One (Deluxe Edition) 
Jan 15 - X-Men: Battle of the Atom HC
Jan 22 - Conan Vol. 15 HC
Mar 4 - Ultimate Comics X-Men by Brian Wood Vol. 3
Apr 22 - X-Men Vol. 2 “Muertas”

DMZ TV Pitch

At DC’s request, I wrote the following treatment for a DMZ TV show (my second; they requested a film treatment from me in 2007).  I had a few mandates, the first was to create a larger, younger-overall cast and introduce them at the start, and to create The Wire-like arcs that had a unifying concept to each.  I actually liked this, I liked introducing Parco at the start, and making him a young guy.

This, of course, went nowhere.  If anyone read it, I never heard about it.  But this exists, its mine, and I figured I’d share it.


Volume 05: “The Hidden War” Interview


“The Hidden War” is the first full arc to feature rotating artists for self-contained spotlight issues on specific characters. Collecting issues 23 through 28, we’re treated to engrossing portrayals of the many compelling personalities inhabiting the city “you can’t kill.” Artistic collaborators Riccardo Burchielli, Nathan Fox, and Danijel Zezelj give us Decade Later – the DMZ’s resident street artist, Amina – a young woman whose life is co-opted by the war, Wilson – the crime boss of Chinatown, IWN Reporter Kelly Connolly, DJ Random Fire, and Soames – the FSA defector turned “Ghost of Central Park.” As the title suggests, “The Hidden War” teaches us about the individual personal wars created by the conflict in the DMZ. Through these diverse characters, we learn one solemn truth – that intimate moments and meaningful decisions must be found and seized when and where they can, for life is turbulent and often short in the DMZ.

Brian, I’ve been dying to discuss issue 27 with DJ Random Fire and art by Nathan “The Next Paul Pope” Fox. For me, this was a quintessential issue of DMZ that represents how somewhere in the middle of this conflict, there’s a vibrant underground culture happening even as war attempts to derail society and crumbles the city. The issue is like this b-side deep cut about a new culture being forged in fire. It opens with that Jared K. Fletcher free-floating rhyme that just pounds like bass against your chest. I’m losing it here; I can’t even come up with a question. Tell us about this issue and DJ Random Fire.

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On DMZ, Northlanders, Supergirl, and The Massive

I’ve done a few interviews in these past weeks, linked below.  The one for CBR has a somewhat startling title, and I’m not sure it represents anything I said in the interview but in a practical sense I guess its true.  Although if anyone is saying goodbye to anyone, its not me to DC.

CBR: Brian Wood Bids DC Comics Adieu

That CBR one is also the first time I’ve been asked about Supergirl.

iFanboy has a two-parter here and here.

And The Beat quoted this from me here, with some commentary.

Yes and no. It’s the end of one era, I suppose, where I was doing all this work for Vertigo and not only earning a living but having that as a career — being a Vertigo writer as a career. I think the condition of the comics market these days, combined with all the recent changes at DC, I don’t think that exists anymore as an option for anyone. Well, certainly not for me. Vertigo’s output, as publicly stated by DC, is to be reduced, and I cannot expect to be able to write two plus books for them. Which breaks my heart, no exaggeration.

I’m heading upstate for a week for some much needed downtime after writing four scripts in two weeks.  I’m contemplating writing a web comic, similar in format to Freakangels.  Any artists out there?

"…This notion I had, derived from reading Brian Wood’s amazing DMZ. I had attempted to kitbash the characters of the series tho - but I reckon somethings should remain as they are, and not need to be manifested unto toys or products, IMHO.”

"Live From The DMZ" Launches

Justin Giampaoli, of 13 Mins fame, has just launched his LIVE FROM THE DMZ website, essentially a DVD extras collection for the entire series from #1 to #72.  Up now are two articles - an intro essay and an overview interview.  Lots of behind the scenes info, really early sketches, cover designs, logos, etc.  I expect Justin will be interviewing me (and my collaborators) on a steady basis throughout the year, and I promise to give him full access to both my brain and the hidden facts about the series.

Go check it out at :

DMZ “M.I.A.” Debuts In Europe

I got my comp copies of DMZ vol. 9 yesterday, about 3 weeks ahead of its release date, which is February 16th.  Today in the mail I got copies of the Spanish and Italian-language editions of the same, which possibly indicates its already on stands in Europe.

Foreign editions occasionally dispense with my cover art, and in this case they went with JP Leon’s excellent cover to DMZ #52.