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The Massive #22

The start of a three-issue arc called SAHARA, with art by Danijel Zezelj (Garry will be back at #25 to take us to the conclusion). Anyway, #22, in which Mary rides shotgun, literally, for a four-mile water convoy across northern Africa.  Colors by Jordie, letters by Jared as usual.

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Los Angeles Times piece on The Massive

Here’s a short interview re: The Massive.  I tried to be really candid with this one, and there’s interesting bits about research and writing and format, and also this:

HC:  There’s been so much post-apocalyptic fiction in recent years and wonder whether it’s because we are so anxious in an age when technology has advanced so far while ethics have not — intelligence run rampant, wisdom withering. Then part of me thinks that maybe it’s just a way for storytellers to find a wild frontier now that the western is gone…

BW: It’s certainly a rich genre for writers to tap into, and there is a real coolness factor to it. But for me what drives me to it is fear. Meaning, actual tangible, real-life fear, mostly as a dad of two little kids. I believe hard times are coming, and maybe I’ll grow old and die before it hits, but I bet my kids won’t, and it’s tough to think about the reality that they’ll probably not have enough free water to drink, or will suffer in some other way like that. Will they be able to spend time in the sun? For their entire lives they’ve lived in an America at war — ones of its own choosing. Will they never know a different America? Maybe I’m exorcising demons in writing about this. But maybe I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Food and Comics and Comics and Food

You may not have spied this post from Ryan Kelly, but in it he mentions a web comic he is starting called Cocotte.  Which implies food.  And I know for a long time now Ryan’s wanted to do a culinary comic series.  Me too.  But I am not writing Cocotte.

I wish him luck and good fortune.  My own culinary series, called STARVE, is something of a casualty.  Created for Vertigo almost two years ago, it hit too many of the same notes as that Anthony Bourdain book they got going on, and so it was ultimately not approved.  Another publisher, an indie one, also passed for similar reasons.  I guess there is a real glut of food comics coming.  STARVE now sits in limbo.  It may, probably, be heavily modified to be about water scarcity and the politics of food and serve as a sequel to THE MASSIVE.  If THE MASSIVE is a success, that is.

I mourn STARVE.  It was awesome.  It was funny, and really OCD with detail of food prep.  I did a lot of research, like Northlanders-level research.  But that’s the way it goes sometimes and repurposing is all you can do.

Although these days I think about writing STARVE as it was intended, but as a tv pilot.  My agent thinks its an insane concept for a story, though.  Maybe she’s right.

Random end of the year thoughts.  Go read Ryan’s post, its full of info.